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secom security systems

Security Systems for Industrial Sector

SECOM Australia offers exclusive service to industrial organizations requiring prominent level of security. We understand that running an industrial complex such as manufacturing and assembly plants requires multiple security capabilities. Owners and managers require that their business is running in tip-top shape while promoting work, health and security for its employees/suppliers.

Our technology helps monitor any environmental or security risks that may occur in the complex. We deploy state of the art alarms and CCTV to ensure all activities are monitored. This saves companies from costly disasters, property theft and security breach.

We ensure that we provide highly intuitive services for these companies. Our security team operates 24 hours a day and is poised to respond to any threat. We invest in providing the reliable support, procedures and protocols to all our designated sites for our corporate blue-chip customers. Secom Australia is trusted in both public and private sectors.

Here are some of the services we provide to the Industrial market

  • Patrols & Responses
  • Alarm Monitoring System
  • CCTV Security System
  • Perimeter Protection
  • All guarding requirements

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