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secom security systems

Home Security

A SECOM home security systems gives you the peace of mind and freedom that comes from the knowledge wherever you go and whatever you do, your home is always protected. Designed to be technically advanced, simple to use and supported by unparalleled service, Secom home security systems are individually formulated to suit your unique security needs.

Security Systems

Whatever your specific security needs. Whether it is price or features that are most important to you. SECOM’s systems are state of the art and offer all the latest technical advancements.

The Protection

SECOM use the highest quality industry standard detection devices, such as movement detectors, reed switches, smoke detectors and glass-break detectors. All detection devices and associated cabling can be monitored at our Grade A1 Monitoring Centre for interference or damage. The backup battery ensures continued protection in the event of power failure or tampering. By capitalising on our distinctive capabilities, we continue responding to the increasingly diverse needs of homeowners for security and peace of mind.

The Peace of Mind

SECOM Australia provides a choice of common reporting formats, that is, different areas within your home will report individually to our Monitoring Centre. The system is able to tell us what is happening and where and the flexibility to choose the right level of protection for your home, ensuring that alarm messages are relayed to our security monitoring station.