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Secom ranked No.86 on Forbes list of Worlds Most Innovative Company

Secom Co Ltd has been ranked number 86 on the Forbes list for the Worlds Most Innovative company for 2013.

SECOM Co Ltd has been a pioneer of security services in Japan with leading technology and unsurpassed customer service. It seeks to contribute to a safe society by developing innovative security services and systems. As Japan’s first and largest security company, SECOM is regarded as a forerunner in security communications worldwide.

SECOM has an extensive service which includes a broad business portfolio comprising of:

Security Services
The Security Service segment develops, manufactures and sells centralised systems, residential systems and other security equipment medical services.

Medical Services
The Medical Service segment provides remote diagnostic imaging support and home care services, leases real estate to medical institutions and sells medical devices

Insurance Services
The Insurance segment offers non-life insurance agency services.

Fire protection services
The Disaster Prevention segment manufactures, sells, constructs and maintains fire-alarm and fire extinguishing equipment.

Geographical Information Service
The Geographical Information Service provides business support services.

Real Estate Development and Sales
The Real Estate Development and Sales develops and sells security-focused family condominiums.

Information and Communications Related Services
The Information and Communications Related Services segment involves in the construction of business systems.